File Database

File Database

System Explorer application enables the users to check every file their computer loads into its memory. Since there is a large community of SE users, there is high probability some other SE user has the same file. When the file is loaded, SE application saves the basic information for it to the cloud database (only the unique identifiers for the file are stored - no information related to the user) – consequently our team is investigating the files and their actions and making the decision if the file could be any harm to the computers.

Every SE user also has the right and possibility to write his/her own decision about the file based on their own experience – we call it a file review. Antivirus applications can find the respective file a virus-free, but what if the file is e.g. opening an unwanted internet connection, ruins the computer resources or behaves like a badly written application? Only real user experience can help to describe such behavior.

Here on the File Database pages we hope You will find many answers to such questions.

How does it all work?

The main page is divided into few sections. Each section provides other information about the reviewed file and some sections have a general function :

For the individual section, see the detailed description in respective topic :

  1. Language selection
  2. Search bar
    1. Home
    2. Files
    3. Companies
    4. Products
  3. Navigation history
  4. Generic file information and Articles
  5. Community navigators
  6. Additional menu information
  7. Final scoring
  8. User file reviews

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