Features - Snapshots

Snapshots module

This module provides a tool for making snapshot of file system and registry state. You can easily compare two snapshots and see differences made between capturing of snapshots. This tool is useful for analyzing changes made in computer.

Snapshot can be created for :

Files : makes a list of all files on the file system

Registry : makes a list of all registry keys

Files + Registry : makes a combined list of files and registry keys

Before creating a snapshot insert some name in the box Snapshot Name - otherwise the default name Unknown will be used. After composing the snapshot it is saved into System Explorer installation folder, in the snapshots subfolder with extension *.ses.

Individual items on the module screen :

Compare Snapshots button : if two snapshots are checked, using this button the comparison will proceed

Delete Snapshots button : all checked snapshots will be deleted

Snapshot name field : put there any name for snapshot being created

Create Snapshot button : snapshot with given name will be created

Snapshot type : see above, snapshot will be created for selected type

Exclude field : user can exclude any file system directory from the snapshot. The names of the directories are delimited with semicolon, e.g. : C:\Dir1;C:\Dir2;


After snapshots comparation, the results screen will appear :

On this screen user can check the result of comparation in both Tree or Plain text view, search any item/file, edit the search string or invoke the menu on any line item. For the plain text view, for each line it is specified what operation occured with the record : if added or deleted comparing to the previous snapshot.

From the menu following operations are allowed :

Explore (Opens in Regedit or Explorer) : being on registry item, the Regedit will open on the selected key; being on file, the respective file directory will open in Windows Explorer

Copy to clipboard : the line under the cursor will be copied into the clipboard

Expand nodes : the selected registry node will be expanded

Collapse nodes : the selected registry node will be collapsed 

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