Frequently Asked Questions

If you are experiencing with some invalid behaviour of the System Explorer and want to report it to the developers, please follow this instructions.

What should contain the Bug Report?

Bug Report should contain this information:

  1. Version of the System Explorer
  2. Version of the Operating System
  3. Initial Configuration of the System Explorer (What settings do you have changed compared to default installation
  4. Step by Step description how to invoke invalid behaviour
  5. Debug Logs
  6. Screenshots (for visual bugs)

How to generate Debug Logs

  1. Open Menu>Options
  2. Click to "Advanced" tab
  3. Turn on the "Enable Debug Logging"
  4. Restart System Explorer
  5. Invoke Bug
  6. Open Menu>Options
  7. Click to "Advanced" tab
  8. Click to "Explore Debug Log Directory" button
  9. Attach SystemExplorer.log file to Bug Report

How to send Bug Report to developers

Easiest way how to send us bug report with file attachments is via email. Our email is You can also submit it in our forum or via Support ticket.

Did not find answer ? Send us your question via Support Ticket. We answer only to english, System Explorer related questions.