Features - Security Scan

Security info module and Security scan


The Security Info module shows the basic Windows security information - running firewall, antivirus shield, status of automatic updates. User can see on a first look if the system is protected.

On this module, on the right mouse click user invokes menu with following items :

Copy To Clipboard : copies the text under the mouse cursor into clipboard

Open Security Center : opens the Windows Security Center

Refresh : reloads the module information

For the Security Scan - well, this is not a real module, but a button which user can found on almost each module - after pressing this button a security scan starts, checking every process running in the system memory. For each process our background cloud database is checked if the process is safe or harmful. After finishing the scan the results are displayed in internet browser.

Security scan provides easy way how to check all running processes, modules, services and drivers via one of the biggest cloud file database. User can find the Security Scan button on most modules of System Explorer - this feature can be activated from all screens where the button is located.

As the result of security scan, the internet browser page is displayed with list of all scanned files, sorted due to rating.

As in the whole System Explorer application, user can easily find a detail description of the individual file just by clicking the security info link (provided in column named Security), or add his/her own evaluation of the file.

What can be easily find is the security check done by some antivirus application or some free AV service (as VirusTotal or Jotti service). What is most valuable is the description of real user how the file behaves when running - if taking inappropriately most resources, or opening the internet connection too often etc. Any user can fill his own evaluation for any file running on his computer, such review will be then checked by the System Explorer admins and saved in the global cloud database - it will serve for the whole SE community as a knowledge base about the respective file.

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