Features - Performance

Performance module

In a readable graphical way user can see here the output of the CPU (in total and divided into individual cores), information related to the system memory (RAM used and swap) and HDD operations.

This module is purely graphical, it contains performance graphs and information important for system performance.

Displayed graphs are:

  1. Overall Processor Usage
  2. Processor Cores Usage Graphs
  3. Memory and Swap Usage
  4. Pages Faulted
  5. IO Operations Graphs
  6. System detail information
    1. Processor C1,C2,C3,DPC,Interrupt and Privileged Times
    2. Count of Processes,Threads and Handles
    3. Committed Memory Pages (Total, Limit, Peak)
    4. Kernel Memory (Total, Paged, Nonpaged)
    5. Physical Memory (Total, Available, System Cache)

 This module has no context menu.

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