Features - Windows

Windows module

This module shows the list of all opened (GUI) windows. It enables the user to bring the selected window to front, or just flash it to show which one it is, or close it. User can also track the background process and find all relevant information for it.



On this module, from the standard basic functions, user is allowed to re-order the columns, enable/disable any column, sort ascending or descending on any column, search the total list (using the Search filter in the top-right corner) and use the advanced menu features.

List of columns :

Process Name : shows the name of the process which has opened the window from operating file system

PID : shows the PID (process ID) of the process which has opened the window 

Window Name : name shown on the window main top bar

Class Name : system name of the class used for the respective window

Handle : shows the handle ID under which the individual file was opened (where handle is the pointer to the respective file)


On the right mouse click on any item user can invoke menu with module functions.

Operations with the Window line items :

Go To Process : after clicking this menu item the Processes module will open with cursor on the process selected on the Opened files module. Here in the Processes module user can find many useful information about the process itself.

Flash Window : if the window has its panel on the taskbar, after pressing this menu item the panel will flash (so the user can easily find the selected application window)

Close Window : after clicking this menu item system will close this opened file handle and the file pointer and the file itself will be removed from memory. The selected application window will be closed.

Bring Window To Front : if the application window is not minimalised on the taskbar (just hidden behind other windows), after pressing this menu item the selected application window will be shown before any other windows

File details : will open operating system file details for the selected executable / file

File Directory Explore : will open the file location directory in Windows Explorer

File Info Search : enables the user to search for more detailed information about the selected file / executable, either using Google search, or using the System Explorer on-line cloud database. After selecting one of the services  new browser window is opened and the file is searched (internet connection is needed).

File Check : user can scan the selected file / executable using the free on-line antivirus applications - VirusTotal or Jotti service. After selecting one of the services provided new browser window is opened and the file is uploaded to the service (internet connection is needed).

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