Features - Tray Tooltip

Tray Tooltip and Tray Icon Menu

Tray tooltip

- is the automatic pop-up information window, which is shown when user moves over the tray icon of running SE application. The tooltip contains useful information about actual state of your system.


List of displayed information:

  1. CPU Frequency - Actual frequency of processor.
  2. CPU Usage - Overall processor usage and 3 top processor usage processes.
  3. Memory Usage - Overall memory usage in %.
  4. Swap Usage - Overall swap file usage in %.
  5. Battery - Battery charge in %.
  6. Battery Estimated Time - How long will system run without power adapter.
  7. Charge Rate - Power of battery charging
  8. Network Address - actually used IP for the active connection
  9. System Uptime - How long is system running without restart.
  10. System Idle - How long is system idle.

User can click on Settings to customize list of displayed items or visual style of the hint. User can also disable this tooltip in Tray Popup Menu "Show Advanced Tooltip" (this Popup Menu can be invoked by pressing the right mouse button on the Tray Tooltip Icon).

Tray Icon Menu

- is the menu invoked by pressing the right mouse button on the System Explorer Tray Tooltip Icon

This menu enables the user to quickly access the basic system features, including invoking or closing the System Explorer application itself.

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