File Database Details

File Database Additional menu information

On the left side of the File database page user can find some additional information and also the log-in form. Everybody can use the System Explorer - even the application itself or the File Reviews database. Some abilities are better accessible only for the registered users - they have the possibility to use all the pages freely only with one login (Forum, main pages etc.) and are not bored with CAPTCHA verification when writing the file reviews...

The left side information are divided into 3 sections :

Left menu

User account :
- if You want to use all the abilities of SE pages, use the Sign-in button even to create a new account or to log with Your existing. User can also log in using some existing community login (Google+, Facebook,...)
- when signed, the user Login name is stated here with hyperlink to adjust the account settings.

Articles :
Not like the file articles, here user can find some helpful information of a general knowledge related to system security and performance. Sometimes a global threat is discovered in our Windows world, sometimes a global information needs to be published for the benefit of all users - such articles are stated in this section.

Most Searched Files :
Like with all community projects, it is a flavor of the month what file or application is the most searched by the others - usually new game, new update of some system process etc. For the benefit of the community, the hyperlinks in this sections are targeting the files most searched by the other users.

Latest Reviewed Files :
The process of accepting the user's file reviews involves the System Explorer team to check each review and judge the relevance. After the file review is processed by our team it appears on the respective file's page. This list of hyperlinks states the latest files appearing in our database with a valid file review.

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