System Explorer contains many useful features. Please choose from list of features in left menu to see feature description. Here You can find a brief description of the individual features.

Autoruns module : this module shows the Windows registry items written under the Autorun options. User is enabled to switch on/off any item or delete the registry key in a very easy way.

Connections module : this module show any process/application which uses TCP/IP or UDP connection. The list is provided including address and ports opened from both sides of connection route. User can on one click found the WHO IS description of the target.

Drivers module : this module shows list of all drivers in the Windows system, with type of their run. User is allowed to stop or start any driver and find additional information about each driver in our cloud database.

History module : when this module is running, it logs every action performed by any process or application, including any net connection opened/closed, any process started/ended. User can gain a detailed picture of all actions in his/her computer.

Modules module : this module contains the list of all modules loaded for running processes. User can track or filter every application's resources and find out what module belongs to the individual application or process.

Networking module : this module shows in a graphical way the list of all working internet devices and the amount of KB transferred (received/sent) via the individual device and the total summary for all devices.

Opened files module : this module shows the list of all opened files in the system with the information about process which opened the file. User can easily search/filter any file or process.

Performance module : in a readable graphical way user can see here the output of the CPU (in total and divided into individual cores), information related to the system memory (RAM used and swap) and HDD operations.

Processes module : this module shows the real core of every system - all running processes (executables) with many supplementary information. User can easily find out how the process behaves, if the process is safe or treat.

Security info module and Security scan : The Security Info module shows the basic Windows security information - running firewall, antivirus shield, status of automatic updates. User can see on a first look if the system is protected. For the Security Scan - well, this is not a real module, but a button which user can found on almost each module - after pressing this button a security scan starts, checking every process running in the system memory. For each process our background cloud database is checked if the process is safe or harmful. After finishing the scan the results are displayed in internet browser.

Services module : this module contains the list of all installed services sorted to group of started services and group of stopped services. User can easily start/stop the service or change the startup type.

Snapshots module : this module provides a tool for making snapshot of file system and registry state. You can easily compare two snapshots and see differences made between capturing of snapshots. This tool is useful for analyzing changes made in computer.

System Additional Info module : this module contains additional information about your System on many useful tabs, like Windows Details, User Details, Environment, Regional Settings, User Restrictions, Folders, Audio & Video Codecs, System Colors, Fonts, DLls and File Types.

Tasks module : this module shows a list of all running Tasks (applications). You can Switch to Task, End Task or go to details of process in the Processes module - this module serves in a very similar way as the Windows Task Manager main screen. In addition, user is allowed to check the task executable in VirusTotal or Jotti internet service, or find easily the reviews for this task in our database (or write his/her own).

Tray Tooltip : Tray tooltip is the automatic pop-up information window, which is shown when user moves over the tray icon of running SE application. The tooltip contains useful information about actual state of your system.

Uninstallers module : this module contains the list of all installed applications in the system and enables the user to check the uninstall executable for viruses or find more information in our cloud database, or run the uninstaller itself.

Users module : this module contains the list of actually signed users. It enables also to send a message to selected user, disconnect or log off the actual user.

Windows module : this module shows the list of all opened windows. It enables the user to bring the selected window to front, or just flash it to show which one it is, or close it. User can also track the background process and find all relevant information for it.

WMI module : this module provides the necessary browser to check all WMI information with their related properties and methods.

Tip : when moving mouse cursor over individual column on any module, the context menu shows quick hint for each column.

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