What is the "searchsettings.exe" ? Variant 365078

Our database contains 1213 different files for filename searchsettings.exe but this page contains information about single file with specific attributes. If you want to see general information about the searchsettings.exe then visit General Information Page . You can also check most distributed file variants with name searchsettings.exe. This file belongs to product Widgi Toolbar and was developed by company Spigot, Inc.. This file has description Search Settings. Agregate rating is 1(1) stars - based on 17 reviews.This is executable file. You can find it running in Task Manager as the process searchsettings.exe.

searchsettings.exe Process
Widgi Toolbar
Spigot, Inc.
Search Settings
4, 1, 7
%COMMONFILES%\Spigot\Search Settings
Operating System:
Windows XP
Medium oc1

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Antivirus NameLatest Toleration
Panda Endpoint Protection Plus2016-07-02 00:17:39
Avira Desktop2014-08-04 15:54:33
Baidu Antivirus2014-06-22 21:50:22
McAfee VirusScan2014-06-22 21:50:22
F-Secure Client Security 9.012014-04-19 17:17:38
avast! Antivirus2013-02-25 13:57:39
Kaspersky Internet Security2013-01-01 15:41:28
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User Reviews of the "searchsettings.exe"

  • THREATrating from user Fire (Variant: 365078)

    Information about the file is found on the Spigot's site, but they do NOT mention about it at point of installation. It's a plus minus zero so I will say Threat.

  • THREATrating from user butlerj (Variant: 365078)

    What Spigot is really saying is: "Ok, you caught us. We took a dump in your hard drive. Now here's how to clean it out." What they definitely aren't saying is that their product isn't a trojan or crapware.

  • THREATrating from user Roadman (Variant: 365078)

    This file is malicious. Also, DO NOT believe the people that work for Spigot (conflict of interest) as what is on their site refers to Dealio toolbar, which I do not have. After removing the commonfile\Spigot, it comes back eventually. No idea how to remove. It messes up my browsers and creates instability. Bad news.

  • THREATrating from user kb (Variant: 365078)

    Certainly a threat. gets installed automatically. In my case exactly one month after installing pdfcreator. came with both pdfcreator and youtube downloader

  • THREATrating from user a (Variant: 365078)

    definitely a threat! causes unstable cpu uses and high temps. came with youtube dowloader toolbar. removable by deleting the toolbar.

  • THREATrating from user InterAction (Variant: 365078)

    We had to remove this from our computers as it was causing damage and it puts a security threat.

  • THREATrating from user SPLCHRLCRNG (Variant: 365078)

    Very irritating piece of unwanted software that I actually chose to NOT agree with installing. I feel even happier that I deleted it knowing it was actually unsafe.

  • THREATrating from user etmax (Variant: 365078)

    This installs without asking, and changes search settings as well without asking. I have deleted this off my system, and because Yahoo has obviously paid them to do this I have removed all yahoo related stuff as well. In a perfect world these people would be drawn and quartered.

  • THREATrating from user Fanshawe (Variant: 365078)

    Windows Defender considers this file a threat, and I agree.

  • THREATrating from user Baronet (Variant: 365078)

    Was found on my system by Security Essentials. This was part of the "PDFforge Toolbar". It was installed without my consent with PDFCreator. The toolbar can be easily uninstalled from the control panel.

  • SAFErating from user diaxoniry

  • SAFErating from user utsirerd

  • THREATrating from user Art (Variant: 365078)

    The spigot.com web site is rated untrustworthy by WOT! I just wanted to uninstall the spyware...

  • SAFErating from user crisulici (Variant: 365078)

    Hi, my name is Cristi and I work for Spigot. I am here to provide information about how to uninstall the Spigot Toolbars and turn off mybrowserbar redirection, please take a look at the links below: http://www.spigot.com/uninstall.html http://www.spigot.com/network_error_assistant.html Please contact me from our website if you need more help. Thank you.

  • SAFErating from user majaraun

  • THREATrating from user aaaa (Variant: 365078)

    it damaged me computer

  • THREATrating from user bobsobol (Variant: 365078)

    This file is NOT safe, if you consider your browsing habits to be private and confidential. Additionally it has caused numerous other applications on my system (Vista x64) to behave erratically, and consumes a fair amount of resources even when it is not used. Worst of all, it is not uninstalled when you choose to not to use PDFforge any longer. (which I did a long time ago... it has taken me considerable time and effort to pin down what this is, that it is the cause of so many of my problems and get rid of it) Uninstall "PDFforge Toolbar" from "Programs and Features" or "Add and Remove Programs" to cleanly remove it.