What is the "dsgsdgdsgdsgw.js" ? Variant 17093338

Our database contains single file for filename dsgsdgdsgdsgw.js. Agregate rating is 2(2) stars - based on 3 reviews.

dsgsdgdsgdsgw.js File
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User Reviews of the "dsgsdgdsgdsgw.js"

  • THREATrating from user NortonUser (Variant: 17093338)

    Full Path: c:programdatadsgsdgdsgdsgw.js Threat: Trojan.Malscript ____________________________ ____________________________ Unknown Number of users in the Norton Community that have used this file: Unknown ____________________________ Unknown This file release is currently not known. ____________________________ High This file risk is high. ____________________________ Threat Details Threat type: Virus. Programs that infect other programs, files, or areas of a computer by inserting themselves or attaching themselves to that medium. ____________________________ file origin tree  Source File: dsgsdgdsgdsgw.js ____________________________ File Actions dsgsdgdsgdsgw.js Removed Avg. Resource Usage: Unknown Avg. CPU Usage: Unknown Avg. Memory Usage: Unknown ____________________________ File Thumbprint - SHA: 793e7b70f4bb49c6546a647f0dfabbd6346d0f1602a04e8a86259cc8e83efe97 ____________________________ File Thumbprint - MD5: ccf56c21a846ee682ea38df426ea9341 ____________________________

  • THREATrating from user addybiru (Variant: 17093338)

    This is anything but safe, it copies Ukash virus and execute it from AppData, scan does not reveal anything but if you take a look inside the script...it is obvious what it does...so be carefull!

  • SAFErating from user MikeOne (Variant: 17093338)

    This file is a javascript of unknown content. Seems to be safe, but just from the antiviruses point of view. Scan is recommended.