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Our database contains 69 different files for filename mssign32.dll . You can also check most distributed file variants with name mssign32.dll. This files most often belongs to product Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. and were most often developed by company Microsoft Corporation. This files most often have description Microsoft Trust Signing APIs. Agregate rating is 5(5) stars - based on 2 reviews.This file is Dynamic-link Library. This library can be loaded and executed in any running process.

mssign32.dll Library

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Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Trust Signing APIs
Operating System:
Windows 7
High oc2

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  • SAFErating from user IkaruShinji for file C:\Windows\System32\mssign32.dll (Variant: 792896)

    The mssign32.dll file has numerous functions, first of which are DLLRegisterServer and DLLUnregisterServer. These two are for the creation and removal of registry entries for all classes supported in the sets of modules of the file mssign32.dll. The second set of functions of the file mssign32.dll is the FreeCryptProvFromCert and GetCryptProvFromCert, which releases and gets the private key, or simply referred to as a handle, to a CSP. The handle is used for authentication purposes and upon acquisition of this through the FreeCryptProvFromCert and GetCryptProvFromCert, a temporary container is created. This temporary container in turn is deleted by the PvkFreeCryptProv function, still a component of the file mssign32.dll. The said functions will only get to work if one creates a user defined header file and use the LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress functions to dynamically link to mssign32.dll. more info: http://dll.paretologic.com/detail.php/mssign32

  • SAFErating from user IkaruShinji for file C:\Windows\System32\mssign32.dll (Variant: 792896)

    The mssign32.dll file is included in the Cryptographic Service Provider implementing the Cryptographic Application Programming Interface in Microsoft Windows.