What is the "dns.exe" ? Variant 7259990

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dns.exe Process
(Empty Value)
Operating System:
Windows XP
Medium oc1

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Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows2015-01-27 06:33:03
Twister Antivirus2015-01-27 06:33:03
AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 20132013-04-03 08:50:34
ESET Smart Security 5.02012-12-10 02:52:03
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User Reviews of the "dns.exe"

  • SAFErating from user MikeOne for file E:\APP\DNSProxy\dns.exe (Variant: 18796836)

    This file is the main excutable for DNSProxy application - generally speaking DNS proxy is a software acting as a middle body between the user's computer (client) and target computer (server), translates the requests from client to server and reads and translates the response (check more about Proxy server functionalities on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proxy_server) - where the DNS stands for Domain Named system : this executable works as a proxy translator of the DNS queries through the proxy. There are many applications of this kind, and probably two with this specific file : Wolfermann dnsproxy daemon (http://www.wolfermann.org/dnsproxy.html) and Acrylic DNS Proxy (http://sourceforge.net/projects/acrylic/) - both of them sometimes don't have company name filled.