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Our database contains 2797 different files for filename cryptui.dll . You can also check most distributed file variants with name cryptui.dll. This files most often belongs to product Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. and were most often developed by company Microsoft Corporation. This files most often have description Microsoft Trust UI Provider. Agregate rating is 5(5) stars - based on 3 reviews.This file is Dynamic-link Library. This library can be loaded and executed in any running process.

cryptui.dll Library

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Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Trust UI Provider
Operating System:
Windows 7
High oc2

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  • SAFErating from user xroot for file C:\Windows\SysWOW64\cryptui.dll

  • SAFErating from user kajmik for file C:\Windows\System32\CRYPTUI.dll (Variant: 589068)

    Windows Server 2003 R2.

  • SAFErating from user Don't PlaY for file C:\Windows\System32\CRYPTUI.dll (Variant: 503782)

    A Cryptographic Service Provider is a software library that implements the encoding and decoding functions of the Cryptographic API (CAPI). It generates public and private key pairs for the encryption and decryption of messages, which application programs may use for strong authentication. The DLL cryptui.dll is the module for handling specified actions of the CSP. Through the Digital Signature Wizard, it helps you attach a digital signature to a file and attach a certificate to the signature. A digital signature verifies that no changes have been made to the file. The corresponding private key will be used to sign the file and will be provided with a Timestamp, which guarantees that the data existed on the specified date.