What is the "utilpursuepoint.exe" ? Variant 22503464

Our database contains 14 different files for filename utilpursuepoint.exe but this page contains information about single file with specific attributes. If you want to see general information about the utilpursuepoint.exe then visit General Information Page . You can also check most distributed file variants with name utilpursuepoint.exe. Agregate rating is 1(1) stars - based on 1 reviews.This is executable file. You can find it running in Task Manager as the process utilpursuepoint.exe.

utilpursuepoint.exe Process
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Operating System:
Windows XP
Low oc0
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Antivirus NameLatest Toleration
Norton Internet Security2014-02-03 10:37:09
Sophos Anti-Virus2014-01-31 23:10:37
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User Reviews of the "utilpursuepoint.exe"

  • THREATrating from user Jesse (Variant: 22503464)

    Like so many malicious programs UTILPURSUEPOINT and UPDATEPURSUEPOINT caused a severe slowdown of Windows XP. It was a simple matter to detect them using Task Manager. One of the programs attempted to prevent MS Security Essentials from running. (Security Essentials did not detect them.) Oddly they were able to be removed using Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel. Malware Bytes found a remnant in the registry after uninstalling the malicious files. One odd thing remains: a red window pops up in the lower right corner of the screen, as if Security Essentials has found a threat, but it disappears so fast it cannot be read.
    Twice, before I was able to discover what was wrong, Windows XP hung. Crashing the computer by shutting it off very likely left damage to the file system. After rebooting it was slow responding to the login screen. This was resolved by letting it sit there for a half hour while it sorted out the errors. Following that I scheduled a CHKDSK to run on the next reboot.