What is the "systemexplorer.exe" ? Variant 23386760

Our database contains 31878 different files for filename systemexplorer.exe but this page contains information about single file with specific attributes. If you want to see general information about the systemexplorer.exe then visit General Information Page . You can also check most distributed file variants with name systemexplorer.exe. This file belongs to product System Explorer and was developed by company Mister Group. This file has description System Explorer. Agregate rating is 5(5) stars - based on 6 reviews.This is executable file. You can find it running in Task Manager as the process systemexplorer.exe.

systemexplorer.exe Process
System Explorer
Mister Group
System Explorer
E:\System Explorer
Operating System:
Windows 7
High oc2
Digital Signature:
Miroslav Topolar

System Explorer Community Antivirus Report

This file was checked and tolerated by following antivirus shields :
Antivirus NameLatest Toleration
360 Total Security2017-10-29
Symantec Endpoint Protection2017-10-26
ESET NOD32 Antivirus 8.02017-10-26
Windows Defender2017-10-18
COMODO Antivirus2017-10-13
Microsoft Security Essentials2016-12-30
Computer Security by F-Secure2016-12-28
Baidu Antivirus2016-12-23
avast! Antivirus2016-12-13
Avira Antivirus2016-09-07 16:01:06
Microsoft Security Essentials2016-09-07 13:06:51
Antivirus shields were enabled and have latest antivirus database.

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User Reviews of the "systemexplorer.exe"

  • SAFErating from user Noviczký for file %PROGRAMFILES%\System Explorer\systemexplorer.exeflag sk

  • SAFErating from user T1nK for file %PROGRAMFILES%\System Explorer\systemexplorer.exeflag ru

  • SAFErating from user Jet Black (Variant: 23386760)

    The File you download from this page seems fairly Safe but is possibly a Threat to itself. First scan ,1139 files out of 1138 were deemed as "green shield" Safe.Only _one_ file got the "blue shield" of "unknown". The unknown file is somewhat Ironic.....since 1994 almost every downloaded program has wanted to jump into my "program files folder" Bad Things (tm) will happen if you let every piece of software install into the directory it wants to plus these days it tends to fill up the 120G SSD drive you have for the OS & other programs that get some benefit from running at hyperdive speeds....
    Product:System Explorer
    Company:Mister Group
    Description:System Explorer

  • SAFErating from user Thomi for file %PROGRAMFILES%\System Explorer\systemexplorer.exeflag de

  • SAFErating from user MikeOne for file D:\PROGRAM\System Explorer\systemexplorer.exe (Variant: 23429374)

    Originally, the System Explorer is an application from Mister Group. This application helps to check the files actually contained in te memory of operating system and helps with their analyzis. The software istelf a freeware with frequent updates and new versions, therefore lot of versions of this file can occure. In this MD5 variant, no antivirus marked it as a threat or virus-containing software.

  • SAFErating from user systemexplorer.exe for file D:\PortableApps\PortableApps\SystemExplorerPortable\App\SystemExplorer\systemexplorer.exeflag de