What is the "minirosetta_3.73_windows_intelx86.exe" ? Variant 45065419

Our database contains single file for filename minirosetta_3.73_windows_intelx86.exe. Agregate rating is 5(5) stars - based on 2 reviews.This is executable file. You can find it running in Task Manager as the process minirosetta_3.73_windows_intelx86.exe.

minirosetta_3.73_windows_intelx86.exe Process
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Operating System:
Windows 10
Medium oc1

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Kaspersky Total Security2016-12-19
ESET Smart Security 10.0.369.12016-12-18
Avira Antivirus2016-11-30
Windows Defender2016-11-21
Avast Antivirus2016-11-20
Computer Security by F-Secure2016-11-17
Kaspersky Internet Security2016-08-28 05:24:42
COMODO Antivirus2016-07-22 13:25:45
AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 20152016-07-05 08:11:57
Computer Security by F-Secure2016-07-04 15:05:18
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User Reviews of the "minirosetta_3.73_windows_intelx86.exe"

  • SAFErating from user C_Denninger (Variant: 45065419)

    Rosetta is one of the BOINC projects, using your computers (Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android) idle time to cure diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, and many other types of scientific research. For example during screen-saving.
    See the BOINC site: http://boinc.berkeley.edu/ and the project's website: http://boinc.bakerlab.org/rosetta/

  • SAFErating from user Obie for file %ALLUSERS_APPDATA%\BOINC\projects\boinc.bakerlab.org_rosetta\minirosetta_3.73_windows_x86_64.exe (Variant: 39913931)

    minirosetta_X.XX_windows_x86_64.exe is a process used for processing Rosetta@home data.
    Rosetta@home is one of the BOINC projects used to determine the 3-dimensional shapes of proteins in research that may ultimately lead to finding cures for some major human diseases.
    Go to https://boinc.berkeley.edu/index.php to find out more about Rosetta and other BOINC projects.