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Generally saying, this file KMService.exe is in most cases one of the most famous MS cracking tool - an activator application for MS Office Suite. In most cases safe, but many antiviruses will mark it as a potentially thread or malicious software. Check the individual file and use it at Your own risk.

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Operating System:
Windows XP
May 16, 2010
High oc2

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  • SAFErating from user Kipelovna for file C:\Windows\kmsem\kmservice.exeflag ru

    (id: 5943175)
  • SAFErating from user Бадяшович for file C:\Windows\kmsem\kmservice.exeflag ru

    (id: 21849144)
  • SAFErating from user metoo for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    metoo photo

    Keygen/Crack, simulating Microsoft Activation Server File is running as a service, waiting for activation requests from Microsoft Office 2010. Microsoft Office 2010 will need reactivation every 180 days, so as long as the service is running you do not have to care about it.

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user hbukhat for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    hbukhat photo

    this file is completely safe. what you guys are experiencing is a false-positive due to Microsoft. this is because they want us to BUY it. just to let you know I scanned it kaspersky 2011 and also commodore and both said safe. and it is also not a rootkit.

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user Invernessell for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    Invernessell photo

    This is a safe file needed for crack activation. Ignore all the 'threat' comments as it is 100% tried and tested safe. It inserts a registry key and a office crack and is incorporated into the system. My system is fine.

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user MSO2010 for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    MSO2010 photo

    used for crack activation of the Microsoft Office 2010 suite - safe but illegal lol :P

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user serpetro for file C:\Windows\kmsem\kmservice.exeflag ru

    (id: 21149582)
  • SAFErating from user Far for file C:\Windows\kmsem\KMService.exe

    Far photo

    Cure for greed for MSOffice 2010

    (id: 255924)
  • SAFErating from user edys for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    edys photo

    Office 2010 VL Edition Activator

    (id: 182143)
  • SAFErating from user itsnolongerme for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    itsnolongerme photo

    As wassup said, it's related to an activator for Office 2010. MSE flagged the file today but I told it to ignore.

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user xenover for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    xenover photo

    Safe, it is a part of the Office 2010 activating service. Do not worry about this file.

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user FB for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    FB photo

    It's part of an Office 2010 activator application. ESS gives me a false positive about it, but it's safe to have it.

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe photo

    kmservice.exe is a activator for office 2010....but i dont know if use serial it be like that....coz im use crack..KMS activator

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user Leandro for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    Leandro photo

    It's not a treat.

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user Dotkay for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    Dotkay photo

    This is SAFE, and part of Office 2010's activation crack. The file returns a FALSE POSITIVE from antivirus software because of commercial treaties with Microsoft: Microsoft wants people to pay for a license instead of cracking the software and using it for free, so they pay security companies to flag software that is HARMLESS to the user as malware, for the single and exclusive reason that it makes them LOSE MONEY.

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user brmoretti for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    brmoretti photo

    100% sure: it's SAFE!

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user MikeOne for file C:\Windows\kmsem\kmservice.exe

    MikeOne photo

    Generally saying, this file KMService.exe is in most cases one of the most famous MS cracking tool - an activator application for MS Office Suite. In most cases safe, but many antiviruses will mark it as a potentially thread or malicious software. Check the individual file and use it at Your own risk.

    (id: 25034655)
  • SAFErating from user эванглий for file C:\Windows\kmsem\kmservice.exeflag ru

    (id: 25587538)
  • THREATrating from user MikeOne for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    MikeOne photo

    As previously, this file should be an activation service, but it is not signed and for most antiviruses it looks like Application.Keygen(not a virus). Proceed with care, it can be target for many viruses.

    (id: 123688)
  • SAFErating from user poiuy for file C:\Windows\kmsem\KMService.exe

    poiuy photo

    part of kms activator.

    (id: 255924)
  • SAFErating from user AcidGlow for file C:\Windows\kmsem\KMService.exe

    AcidGlow photo

    Part of the Office 2010 VL Edition by Team ZWT activation crack (in most cases).

    (id: 255924)
  • SAFErating from user Superbank for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    Superbank photo

    Office 2010 Activator

    (id: 123688)
  • SAFErating from user Vortch for file C:\Windows\kmsem\KMService.exe

    Vortch photo

    Yes, it's an auto-activator for MS Office, many virus programs will report it as malware because a company can be sued for using Office without paying. No, MikeOne, this hash# is not malware.

    (id: 255924)
  • SAFErating from user wassup for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    wassup photo

    The file KMService.exe is part of the mini KMS-activator for Microsoft Office 2010. Without this service, the activator won't work.

    (id: 52313)
  • THREATrating from user MikeOne for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    MikeOne photo

    As has been said, this file should be an activation service, but it is not signed and for most antiviruses it looks like Keylogger (not a virus). Proceed with care, it can be target for many viruses.

    (id: 52313)
  • THREATrating from user benjamin040 for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    benjamin040 photo

    I have found kmservice.exe as well in windows7. I do use ms word 2007 but not 2010. I use AVG virusscanner and its results is that kmservice might be a threat. So what is the next step. Qurantaine or delete or ignore it?

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user Man for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    Man photo

    Appeared after using an office 2010 activator. Simulation that makes office think its legit when serial is looked up. False positive report.

    (id: 52313)
  • THREATrating from user mike for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    mike photo

    i believe this is a threat as the exe was attached to my explore and my mal-ware anti bytes and AVG 9 detected it

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user stry for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    stry photo

    An Activator Service for MSOffice 2010 Activator (typically if you've 'pirated' MSOffice 2010). It runs as a service, but, buyer be ware, you never know. If things start going wonky you know where to look. Otherwise, I suffer no issues from it.

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user vvv for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    vvv photo

    office2010 activation service

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user lol for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    lol photo

    Safe, is a crack and harmless

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user Mark for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    Mark photo

    Safe. I used it to activate Office 2010.

    (id: 52313)
  • THREATrating from user KBJ for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    KBJ photo

    ZWT, Chinese Spy Network???

    (id: 52313)
  • THREATrating from user Admin for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    Admin photo

    This file is detected by many antiviruses as malware.

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user DressedGurl for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user pqokmooeph for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user gfgfgf for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user yoque for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    yoque photo

    yup... it's save...

    (id: 52313)
  • THREATrating from user DoomSKunk for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    DoomSKunk photo

    Threat! Warning: it tried to solicit information (My Password) when I ran another application (Game called Granado Espada GE.exe), but was detected by AVG and I immediately moved it to vault and deleted it.

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user zeratul for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    zeratul photo

    It's safe. As mentioned, just a service used to keep ms office 2010 activated

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user JG for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    JG photo

    Activator for MS Office 2010. Only thieves uses them. I got 2 license MS Office Pro Plus for £38, totally legit and I don't need to look over my shoulder

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user Someone for file C:\Windows\KMService.exe

    Someone photo

    It seems to be safe. After the EZ activator (kms.exe) is used, it attaches itself to win32 which makes it suspicious. Fortunately some antivirus remove it eg., Avira

    (id: 52313)
  • THREATrating from user Yogiho for file C:\Windows\kmservice.exe

    Yogiho photo

    I think its a threat

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user jjoker for file C:\Windows\kmservice.exe

    (id: 191367)
  • SAFErating from user Rabu for file C:\Windows\kmservice.exeflag de

    (id: 52313)
  • SAFErating from user Luis223887 for file C:\Windows\kmservice.exe

    (id: 1115981)
  • SAFErating from user Феофан Давыдов for file C:\Windows\kmsem\kmservice.exe

    (id: 25034655)
  • SAFErating from user AntiDot for file C:\Windows\kmsem\kmservice.exe

    (id: 22889290)
  • SAFErating from user Max Kuz for file C:\Windows\kmsem\KMService.exe

    Max Kuz photo

    Office 2010 Activator Really need

    (id: 1849198)
  • SAFErating from user alesandro2307 for file C:\Windows\kmsem\KMService.exe

    (id: 7881770)
  • SAFErating from user Dr,Alexx for file C:\Windows\kmsem\KMService.exe

    Dr,Alexx photo

    This is an automatic MSOffice registration server service.

    (id: 12266994)
  • SAFErating from user pnmr560 for file C:\Windows\kmsem\KMService.exe

    (id: 12805729)