System Explorer Download

Latest version of the System Explorer is 7.0.0.

Latest System Explorer is available in this distributions:

Installer Distribution

This distribution of the System Explorer is recommended for download. Installer registers system service which makes accessible all features of our software. Installer also creates uninstaller which will help you easily uninstall our software. This version works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. It should also works on Windows Server editions, but we don't test it under this environment.

Portable Distribution

This distribution makes minimal footprints in the system. It doesn't register service and uninstaller. If you start it under limited user account, then some features will be limited or unaccessible. This version is targeted for portable devices and advanced users.

Windows 2000 Distribution

This is very old distribution of the System Explorer and you should download it only if you have Windows 2000. This version is no longer supported and maintained.

Make your choice and choose best version for your needs.
If you will have any question regarding download, feel free to contact our support .